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About us

GILDA is a name of a new restaurant project situated in the popular square of Jiřího z Poděbrad. The concept is dominantly focused on the cuisine originating from north of Spain, specifically PINTXOS, which are known as small snacks served on a baguette. The snacks are prepared in a variety of ways and consist of the very best ingredients including for example Jamón ibérico or padrón peppers. Guests will be able to view all of the snacks at a bar display and pick according to their preferences prior to ordering. Along with pintxos, offering will also include tapas, wide selection of wines by glass, draft beer and premium gin’s.

Our goal was to create a place that will be a local meeting point, where people will come together to enjoy a friendly, easy-going and enjoyable environment over excellent food and wine. By doing this, we wanted to carry over a piece of gastronomic heart from the north of Spain straight into Vinohrady. The opening is planned at the end of September 2019.


GILDA je koncept založený na kuchyni severního Španělska. Hosté si u nás mohou vychutnat delikátní malé pokrmy známé pod názvem PINTXOS a TAPAS. To vše v doprovodu skvělých španělských vín a ostaních nápojů v přátelské atmosféře podniku v srdci Vinohrad.


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